Long-term portfolio investments

Krupa Global Investments invests approximately 50% of its assets in long-term investments with the other 50% used in short-term investments.  Investments, are diversified across sectors with a focus on IT, Health Care – specifically Biotech companies – Retail and Consumer Staples, Construction and Defense firms. Based on our own analyses, we only enter stocks that our analysis indicates have a potential to appreciate significantly over 10%.

Activist investment approach

Krupa Global Investments invests in projects with a so-called activist approach where our goal is to remedy problems where correctable issues with management are causing stock price to unduly suffer. In some cases, this is due to poor strategic decisions while in other cases this can be due to purposeful mismanagement or manipulation by C-Level executives and majority shareholders. Our goal with our activist approach is to achieve significant positive changes in company strategy, structure, or management and create added value for its shareholders.

Hedge fund with a global presence

Krupa Global Investment’s activities are directed at publicly traded companies around the world with a primary focus on firms traded in stock exchanges in the United States, Great Britain and Germany.

Double digit annual portfolio growth

We are looking for investment opportunities and projects with a double-digit annual return. We achieve total annual returns above 15% annually and intend to continue that strong track record.

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