10. 7. 2020

Results of EMH Voluntary Tender Offer

Krupa Global Investments a.s., České Lithium a.s. and partners (‘’Offeror’’) did not reach acceptance threshold of 20% of all outstanding shares of European Metals Holdings Limited for voluntary tender offer (‘’Offer’’) initiated on 11 June 2020.

Offeror spoke with several large shareholders, but they are not willing to sell their shares for 16 GBp or 0.292 AUD as Offeror proposed. Their common understanding is that our offer and current share price of EMH significantly undervalues the company going forward to completion of DFS and beginning of mining process in couple of years.

Offeror won’t proceed further with VTO at this time, but will consider raising the bid in the future based on the developments of lithium project at Cinovec.