3. 7. 2019

KGI Increased the Value of its Investment in Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives Shares About 40%

Our portfolio investment in American company Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives has been appreciated by more than 40 % in its value and we still keep our current position.

IEA is one of the leading companies which specialize in theconstruction of wind and solar parks mainly in the USA. Due to recentacquisitions, the company was under pressure and its shares have fallen tohistoric lows. Today IEA announced that it has won two new contracts for theconstruction of wind parks in Texas with an output 272MW and 242 MW, which willprovide electricity to more than 130, 000 households in Texas near Dallas. Thevalue of contracts is USD 150 million. In recent weeks Krupa Global Investments has been building up its shareholding position in IEA.

After the above mentioned events took place, the shares of IEA have risen by 40 %. We believe that the company has the potential and capacity to win more similar contracts for wind or solar parks in the USA, and we are planning to keep our current position.