22. 8. 2019

KGI announced small position in Osram; supports offer from AMS

Krupa Global Invesments (KGI) builds small position in Osram in recent weeks.

Chairman of KGI Pavol Krupa said: “We fully support completion of takeover offer from AMS rather than offer from private equity groups Bain Capital and Carlyle group. AMS has much more strategic synergies and we believe such asset as Osram should stay in local hands, local strategic player should have control of Osram.“

KGI is a spin-off from private equity group Arca Capitalwith AUM of €2bln. Our opportunistic business utilizes an activist investmentapproach in order to improve management practices, increase returns, and protect the interests of small shareholders. To further our objectives, we enlist the support of key partners when needed. For example, we invited Carl Icahn to involve himself and help increase the price on a problematic buyout transaction involving AmTrust FinancialServices (see the article here).