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27. 2. 2019 Download PDF

KGI Announces Antitrust Complaint Against Stone Point Capital and AmTrust Before the European Commission

The Central Europe-based investment firm is alleging that violations of EU Regulations concerning anti-competitive business practices were perpetrated surrounding the 2018 AmTrust privatization transaction Krupa Global Investments (“KGI”), a Prague-based investment firm and formerly a significant shareholder of AmTrust Financial…

23. 1. 2019 Download PDF

KGI Announces Significant Stake in Nexans

Press release

The Central Europe based investment firm has stressed that the French cable manufacturer is undervalued, has made considerable turnaround progress and that significant growth prospects lie ahead Krupa Global Investments (“KGI”), a Prague based investment firm with approximately €1.7 billion…

21. 1. 2019 Download PDF

3rd Open Letter to Board of European Metals Holdings

Open Letter


17. 1. 2019 Download PDF

KGI Prepared to Significantly Increase Stake in European Metals Holdings with Conditions

Press release

The Prague-based investment firm has insisted the Australia-based mineral exploration and development company increase transparency and move its headquarters to the EU Krupa Global Investments (“KGI”), one of the largest institutional shareholders in European Metals Holdings (“EMH”) has announced its…

19. 12. 2018 Download PDF

KGI Critiques Diebold Nixdorf Executive Compensation and Turnaround Plan

Press release

The Central Europe based investment firm, previously known as Arca Capital, is raising concerns about the financial and retail technology firm’s executive compensation and turnaround plan in the form of an open letter addressed to management Krupa Global Investments (“KGI”),…

19. 12. 2018 Download PDF

Information demand to the management of Diebold Nixdorf

Open Letter

Krupa Global Investments submits the information demand to the management of Diebold Nixdorf. Download the information demand here.

1. 10. 2018 Download PDF

KGI to Meet with State Insurance Regulators to Oppose AmTrust Privatization Transaction

Press release

The Central Europe based investment group is warning state regulators that the pending privatization transaction puts all policyholders at risk due to insufficient oversight and is continuing its campaign to stop AmTrust from going private. Arca Capital, one of the…

15. 8. 2018 Download PDF

KGI Calls on OKD to Launch Competitive Bidding for the Sale of Claims Against Bakala

Press release

Krupa Global Investments calls for the realization of OKD assets by conducting a sale of the claims of OKD against Zdeněk Bakala. These are several claims in the total amount of tens of billions of Czech Crowns. To acquire the…

21. 5. 2018 Download PDF

KGI together with Carl Icahn are going to oppose the AmTrust privatisation plan

Press release

Krupa Global Investments, the company known formerly as Arca Capital Group, is planning to form a coalition with Carl Icahn and other minority shareholders to prevent the proposed privatisation of the company. Prague – Arca Capital, one of the biggest…

13. 3. 2018 Download PDF

A significant investment in Borussia Dortmund football club

Press release

We perceive Borussia Dortmund as a strong and stable football club with positive PR and a strong supporter base. Borussia Dortmund has been keeping top positions in the Bundesliga for a long time and their player academy ranks among the…