7. 2. 2020

KGI is Preparing FCA and FBI Complaint against Muddy Waters

Krupa Global Investments is preparing complaint at FCA and FBI regarding Muddy Waters allegations related to NMC Health and other companies which this hedge harmed. We are convinced that these allegations are baseless and false, made to harm shareholders and manipulate with stock price of companies such NMC Health or Burford Capital. Muddy Waters intentionally providing misleading and manipulative information which are not based on facts. His tweets has manipulative character using words such it seems like, i heard, it is possible, not providing hard facts. These wording is very manipulative and should be investigated. These activities harm shareholders, pension funds and institutions who manage money of retails investors.  

Based on our research, we are convinced that Muddy Waters is cooperating with several hedge funds to intentionally make pressure on stock prices via illegal tactics such as spoofing. Muddy Waters is not providing information regarding their position in stocks, which is extremely suspicious for us.

This behaviour can be seen mainly on London Stock Exchange also in company Burford Capital. Stocks of NMC Health and Burford Capital are have been moving in same direction with similar signs for certain period of time. Burford Capital recently reported better than expected results and nothing that Muddy Waters claimed was found as true. Burford Capital is currently suing Muddy Waters and London Stock Exchange at High Court of Justice in United Kingdom.

Regarding this matter, KGI is talking to other shareholders who are not satisfied with recent actions by hedge fund Muddy Waters to join our complaint. Based on our conversations, lot of shareholders don´t understand recent developments and are interested in joining our complaints, because they are sure that fundament is strong behind NMC Health.

We are also preparing legal steps to seek compensation for damages made by Muddy Waters and their behaviour for NMC shareholders. We will hire investigator to analyze closely these illegal action by Muddy Waters and we will report our finding shortly to regulators in US and UK.

KGI sees this recent drop in share price as further buying opportunity.