10. 2. 2020

KGI is in Talks with Strong Private Equity Groups from CEE Region to Take Strategic Stake in NMC Health

Krupa Global Investments (KGI) as a NMC Health shareholder has been talking to industry experts and strategic investors in healthcare from CEE region about possibilities to purchase significant stake in NMC Health.

Krupa Global Investments (KGI) held talks with strong private equity groups based in Prague to take strategic stake in NMC Health after recent sell-off. Chairman of KGI Pavol Krupa has been talking for few days with industry experts and private equity groups from Prague, Czech Republic regarding taking strategic stake in NMC Health or securing financing for NMC Health founder Mr. B.R. Shetty. These groups have tens of billions in assets under management and has dominant position in several health care businesses in CEE region.

”We see shares of NMC Health significantly undervalued after recent sell-off and our strategic partners in healthcare sector share our view. This is great opportunity for us and our partners to take strategic stake in biggest healthcare provider in Middle East. We have informed NMC management that we also have interest to provide financing for Mr. Shetty’s ambition to get NMC under his control, if necessary,” said Pavol Krupa, chairman of KGI.

Chairman of KGI Pavol Krupa won’t specify names of these groups for the moment as talks are ongoing. NMC management has been informed about recent talks.