3. 2. 2020

KGI Announces Position in Autolus Therapeutics

Krupa Global Investments (KGI) now holds a stake in Autolus Therapeutics, an international biotechnology company. KGI purchased the shares over the past few weeks, when Autolus announced the secondary public stock offering worth approximately USD 80 mil. and the price of shares fell below USD 11. KGI currently holds a position of about USD 1 mil.  “We see major potential in the treatment procedures and clinical development of Autolus and fully trust in its management composed of leading experts in the biotechnology industry. We see potential in the value of the company and its further growth and also in its shareholders represented by experienced and stable companies with the necessary know-how in the field of biotechnology. As part of our position, we do not apply our activist approach here, says Pavol Krúpa, owner of KGI, commenting on the purchase of Autolus shares.

Autolus Therapeutics is a leader in developing treatment procedures based on genetically modified T-lymphocytes, known as CAR-T cells. Autolus emerged from research at University College London. The company focuses on the clinical development of a broad portfolio of new generation T-cell therapies aimed at treating hematological and solid tumors. Autolus is in the advanced phases of clinical trials of anti-tumor therapy based on T-lymphocytes. The company’s goal is to bring to market safe and effective T-cell therapies to help patients with severe cancer. A key product is called AUTO1. The company CEO, Dr. Christian Itin, and Senior Vice President, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Martin Pule, are among the leading experts in the biotechnology field and both possess outstanding experience and education. Autolus stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the USA.

Autolus has recently announced additional data regarding its ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical trial of its next-generation programmed T cell therapy at the 2nd European CAR T Cell Meeting held in Spain on 30.1.2020, confirming the company’s research success and its management expertise. KGI sees major potential in further development and has complete faith in the experts managing Autolus.

The investment of KGI into Autolus is another of our many stock investments in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Excellent returns from previous successful investments in Akcea Therapeutics or Mallinckrodt, for example, have confirmed that the pharmaceutical industry and health care is a sector in which KGI possesses outstanding know-how.