21. 12. 2018

Open Letter from Kraft Heinz ordinary shareholders to Warren Buffett

Open Letter

Dear Mr. Buffett,

We, the shareholders of Kraft Heinz, are suffering and you are standing idly by. We have lost our homes, our childrens’ college savings, and our retirement funds, while you have left the board of Kraft Heinz and left management to its own devices. Kraft Heinz shares are down more than 40 percent since the 2015 IPO. Many of us have been there from the start, believing in your abilities to harness the power of this iconic brand to deliver solid, safe returns with a healthy dividend. 

We were not greedy. We were investing in what we believed to be a safe dividend stock with backing from the world’s most legendary investor. Mr. Buffett, why have you abandoned us? We are patient but we are not billionaires like you so we cannot sit on major losses for 5-10 years like you can afford to do.

Please make investors whole and buy back the company at its IPO price. Don’t let your nearly flawless record be scarred by letting investors lose nearly half their investments. Please make things right.


Upset and Betrayed Kraft Heinz Shareholders