21. 12. 2018

KGI Announces Holiday Campaign to Save Kraft Heinz

Press release

The Central Europe based investment firm, previously known as Arca Capital, is arranging for billboards and demonstrations during the holiday season to advance its campaign for an $80/share buyout of Kraft Heinz from Berkshire Hathaway

PRAGUE, Dec. 21, 2018 — Krupa Global Investments (“KGI”), one of the largest shareholders in Kraft Heinz, has announced that it will continue its campaign for an $80/share buyout throughout the holidays in an effort to convince Warren Buffett to make investors whole on funds invested when Kraft Heinz first went public in 2015. Kraft Heinz shares have fallen approximately 40 percent since the IPO.

The holiday campaign will involve demonstrations in Omaha with canvassers distributing flyers complete with a direct appeal from ordinary shareholders to Buffett. That letter can be found here.

Demonstrations have also been taking place in New York earlier this week outside the offices of various Berkshire Hathaway Board members.

Pavol Krupa, Chairman of Krupa Global Investments, had the following remarks on the letter and the campaign, “We at Krupa Global Investments wish Mr. Buffett and all board members of Berkshire Hathaway a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Krupa Global Investments stands ready to meet with Mr. Buffett, even during the holidays, to build consensus for a constructive resolution that will build billions of dollars in shareholder value for ordinary investors and Buffett alike.”