8. 1. 2019

KGI Announces Details of National Shareholders Day Rally in New York to Make Case for $80/share Buyout of Kraft Heinz

Press release

The Central Europe based investment firm, previously known as Arca Capital, is organizing a demonstration outside the SEC Regional Office in New York to make the case for an $80/share buyout at Kraft Heinz and draw attention to broader issues facing ordinary shareholders

PRAGUE, January 8, 2019 — Krupa Global Investments (“KGI”), one of the largest institutional shareholders of Kraft Heinz, announced today the details of its National Shareholders Day Rally.


Outside the offices of the SEC Regional Office in New York

Brookfield Place

200 Vesey Street, Suite 400

New York, NY 10281-1022

Demonstrators will be staged on both sides of the building


Thursday January 10, 2019


9AM Eastern Time

The rally comes as part of a major campaign by Krupa Global Investments to advocate for a $80/share buyout of Kraft Heinz. Demonstrations have previously been organized in front of the offices of 3G Capital, the offices of Berkshire Hathaway and the offices of various board members and key institutional investors of Berkshire Hathaway and of Kraft Heinz.

“Krupa Global Investments will never yield in its quest to make Kraft Heinz investors whole from their 2015 IPO. We are organizing this National Shareholders Day rally among other demonstrations to bring all key stakeholders together including the SEC, Berkshire Hathaway, 3G Capital, Kraft Heinz and others to work out a solution that is in the best interests of ordinary shareholders of Kraft Heinz. We invite every stakeholder, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jorge Lemann and others to come to the table and figure out how to make this situation right,” said Pavol Krupa, Chairman of Krupa Global Investments.